Does clear nail polish get rid of ringworm?

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So I have ringworm on my arm, its not HUGE, but it’s like… medium size. People keep telling me to put clear nail polish on it to get rid of it instead of wasting 15 bucks on lamisal or whatever you call it.
So is it true ? Does clear nail polish really get rid of it or will it just make it worse?

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Crock a duck

Ringworm is a fungal infection in the skin. Nail polish won’t do anything for it. People persist in saying so most likely because sometimes ringworm will go away on it’s own. Most of the time it won’t. Go pick up an anti-fungal cream or spray at your local drug store. Here are names of a few to try; Monistat-Derm, Lotrimin AF Powder, Lotrimin AF Powder Spray, Lotrimin AF Liquid Spray, and Micatin

Please be aware, ringworm is HIGHLY contagious. Wash your hands frequently and do your laundry separately from anyone else’s until the rash clears up.





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