How long can a person live with Acute Myeloid Leukemia when it is left untreated and treated. (cont below)?

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I would like to have a round-about answer. Thanks for your answers. Thanks for taking the time to read and answer this. :]

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probably not that long, chemo keeps people with cancer alive. without any medication the cancer cells will take over


Untreated, not very long Maybe a few months. Many people have complained of symptoms long before that. some docs elect not to tell patients as they would live their life the same without not knowing. others may change their life, but, the outcome is the same. in that treating the illness decreases quality of life cause you spend your last months/yr going to to doc when you would have been out doing other things. Understand. I think it’s cruel, but, some doc chose to make decisions for their patients and then wonder why the patient hates them.
. Many elderly and some young people are diaganosed at a late stage,once diagnosis is made, the docs attempt to treat or avert other sx/pain, this is when the treatment is worse that the diagnosis.


My mother died less than 3 weeks after she was diagnosed with AML. If she’d been able to have chemo, she might have lived 6 months or more.


Average survival without treatment ranges from weeks to few months.
With treatment, for either AML or ALL, cure is possible (though altogether too uncommon), so a person could live a “normal” life span. Going through treatment is rigorous, no doubt, and can be fatal. Unfortunately, most patients with adult AML who enter remission will relapse within 2 years.


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how long can a person live with acute leukemia? how long can someone live with acute blast luekemia? how long will you live with untreated aml? if treated how long can aml without remission live?