Is it normal to have moles on your penis?

by anonymous

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I have about 5 moles on my penis and that just seems odd sense that part of me doesnt really get much sun or anything, i also have 2 or 3 on the inner part of my but cheeks which again is a place i didnt ever think to find them. I dont even have many moles infact thats pretty much most of the ones I have. I just wanted to know if that is somthing i should be worried about?

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Stacy B

How big of a mole we’re talking here?


My boyfriend has a freckle right near the tip of his. :) If your moles were present form birth then I really wouldn’t worry about it.

Icy Gazpacho DW

lol.. “a mole on your penis”.. here in Australia it is common slang to call a promiscuous lady a moll… so yeah… it’s normal to have a moll on your penis.

Well, moles can be anywhere I guess. It might be a concern of they start to get inflamed or bleed.. fomr heavy friction or whatever… if that starts to happen, then you ought to see a doctor and have them frozen off.

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