What color does vaginal discharge look like when its dried to your underwear?

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Lol girls please? Haha but i was just wondering. im almost 15 and yes i have my period and the whole package but im not sure if its vaginal discharge or what lol. And doesnt panty liners make it not go to your underwear? Because i use tampons and i hate pads because i feel like i have a wad of paper between my legs or like a towel. Thanks!

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Kaitlyn Rogers

It’s clear/white and crusty. ><

Yes, panty liners are very thin pads, basically, for light bleeding or discharge problems.
Tampons and maxi pads will be for heavy/regular period bleeding.

Fun fact: before pads, women actually did have to use towels. D:


Believe me honey. At your age youve expeirenced this at least once,You might have not have known,But you have. Its white,Guey,Crusty,And grose



Tamponss Hurt Likee Hell -.-


Discharge comes out white/yellow and very milky and sticky. When its dried up, it turns a brownish shade and becomes crusty.


Well for my opinion..
when its dried out it turn white crusty LOL

its usually white…


this is absolutley disgusting haha but its like all the other said white and crusty haha eww :o

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Yep, its white/clear and is gooey when wet, crusty once it’s dry. If you have alot of problems with normal vaginal discharge, a pantyliner (which are very, very thin and much more comfortable than a full pad) will help with that. Pantiliners are also fantastic as backup when you use a tampoon, as sometimes heavy bleeding can casue a bit of blood to sneak past the tampon onto the undies.

Welcome to the fabulous world of womanhood, lol.

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